One of the main goals of this seminar is to help you compose a set of informed and polished materials for your 2017 R&C course. I’ll ask you to start work on your course in a bird by bird fashion, drafting one short document each evening this week. These will include:

  • A course overview or plan,
  • One or two key writing projects you will assign to your R&C students,
  • Practical materials for your course: schedule, policies, grades, etc.

I’ll ask you to publish these materials on a WordPress site (like this one) you design for your R&C course. I will also ask you to follow and contribute to the Twitter feed (#koshland17)  for the seminar, both during this week and beyond.  My hope is that these posts will help us continue the conversation we start this week. They will also provide some starting points for our talk together when we meet in December for our recap session.

Please click on the links above for more details about each of these tasks. I’ll generally ask you to bring five print copies of your writing to each of our meetings. But I will also set up some shared folders on Google Drive where you can post documents directly to me. Finally, I need to ask you to set up a free account on WordPress.com, if you don’t already have one.