Faculty Workshop, Thurs, 11/30/2017

Getting Started

Fastwrite: Please tell us briefly what brings you here. What course are you working on that involves writing? What is the most pressing question or concern you have about that course?

The Accidental Writing Teacher [slides]

  • How to make writing part of a course without sacrificing content
  • How to offer students useful feedback as writers without being overwhelmed by the paperload

Some Guidelines

Lunch with Maggie Sokolik, Director of College Writing Programs

What can be taught in first-year writing? What needs to be taught in the disciplines?





Seminar, Thursday, 6/08/2017


Responding Toward Revision

Grading Final Pieces

Schedules, Grades, Policies, and Other Details

Working on WordPress

For Tomorrow

Complete as much of your course website as you can. If you are having trouble figuring out how to post or format certain pages, posts, or widgets, save the content in Word or on paper. But try to have a  demo-version of your course to show and talk about as part of our arcade tomorrow.

Email me the URL for your site before 10:00 tomorrow. I’ll post a list of links to your courses to this site.


  • Studio: Work on WordPress site
  • Conversation: Alex Brostoff, Alex Bush, Caroline Brickman, Taylor Johnston, Evan Klaxon, Marion Phillips, Luke Terlaak Poot, Daniel Valhalla,  Irene Yoon, 2016–17 Koshland Fellows, “Designing and Teaching a R&C Course”

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