Seminar, Wednesday, 6/07/2017

Academic Writing: Function and Form

Working with Student Writing

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  • Workshop
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Workshop Guidelines

Workshop: Course Overviews and Writing Projects

Readers: In addition to the two standard workshop questions (what works best? what should the writer work on next?), please consider the following:

  • How would you describe the voice of the author/teacher in this text? How would you describe the stance the author (teacher) takes towards readers/students?
  • What terms of value appear in the text? What is said or suggested about how this writing will be evaluated?

Digital Pedagogy

Ryan Sloan, College Writing Programs,  UC Berkeley, “Rigorous Play

For Tomorrow

  1. Choose a WordPress template for your course website. Use Pages to create the sections of your syllabus. Use Widgets to post course info, contact, search bar, tag cloud, Creative Commons license, etc.
  2. Rough out a weekly schedule for your R&C course, marking deadlines for drafts, and revisions, and classes you will devote largely to writing. Bring two paper copies with you to seminar tomorrow.


  • Studio: Set up your WordPress site. Rough out the weekly schedule for your R&C course.
  • Conversation: Michael Cohen, Associate Teaching Professor, African American Studies, “Digital Writing in The Secret History of America



Seminar, Tuesday, 6/06/2017


Questions From Monday

How do I negotiate between teaching

  • Expository and experimental modes of writing?
  • Practice of writing and theme or content?
  • Institutional goals and pedagogical goals?

How much direction or background should I offer about

  • The moves or forms of academic writing?
  • The subject I am asking students to write about?

How do I move students beyond

  • Summary, and towards analysis?
  • The traditional 10-page research paper?

Course Overviews

Trade overviews with a colleague. Try to read the document from the point of view of a first-year student on the first day of class.. What else might the teacher tell you about:

  • What are you going to do as a writer?
  • Why are you going to do it? How will this work be interesting or useful?
  • What will the pace and workload of the semester be like?

Composing Writing Projects

Working With Multilingual Writers

Michelle Baptiste, College Writing Programs, UC Berkeley

Writing for Tomorrow

Draft one of the main writing projects for your course. Bring five copies of it and your course overview to seminar tomorrow.